Humanitarian Logistics and Procurement Roster

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC), in collaboration with the UN, is building a new stand-by roster for humanitarian experts in logistics and procurement. The purpose of the roster is:

Due to the increasing number, complexity and length of emergencies around the world, the requirements for short-term logistics expertise are increasing in parallel and demanding a higher number of qualified experts in humanitarian logistics. The roster aims at meeting these demands by providing experts suitable for deployment to UN organizations in emergencies. 

The Humanitarian Logistics and Procurement Roster is currently closed for appliactions. 

We recruit qualified experts in the following areas:


  • Aviation Officer
  • Port Captain 
  • Port Logistics Officer
  • Workshop Manager
  • Fleet Manager
  • General Logistics Officer (incl. warehousing, NFI, etc.)
  • Logistics Cluster Coordinator


  • Procurement Officer (Food, Goods & Services)

You can apply for one or both of the two main profiles - Logistics and/or Procurement.

Read more about each profile here