Conditions & Requirements

The following general qualifications are taken into consideration as a requirement for membership of the Humanitarian Logistic and Procurement Roster:
  • Professional technical experience matching the technical profiles
  • A minimum of 3 years international humanitarian field experience
  • Relevant educational background and preferably UN experience
  • Motivation for a career within the international humanitarian field
  • Fluent in English. Working knowledge of another UN language (French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian)
  • Knowledge and understanding of the complexity related to refugee and IDP situations

Kindly be informed that current members of the DRC Stand-by Roster should not apply for this Logistics and Procurement Roster. These members have already received information and guidelines from DRC. 

Becoming a Member
All interested candidates, with experience within the logistics and procurement field, are welcome to apply for membership of the roster. After the application deadline, a thorough screening of all applications will be carried out jointly by DRC and selected UN organizations. Following this, interviews will be conducted and the shortlisted candidates and references will be contacted. The final selection of members for the roster will be made by DRC, in collaboration with the UN. 
Applications are only accepted during the set recruitment period and only applications submitted through the DRC online application system are considered.
Further Information
You are welcome to contact the Stand-by Roster ([email protected]) for more information about the Humanitarian Logistics and Procurement Roster. 
Membership Obligations and Conditions
The members deployed to the UN as logistics or procurement experts will work on DRC contracts. The membership obligations, conditions and benefits resemble those of the Stand-by Member Roster. The same staff care policy applies, and the conditions and obligations are as follows:
  1. The member has an obligation to always inform the DRC Stand-by Roster of changes in contact details and availability. Hence, any longer periods of unavailability must be shared with the DRC Stand-by Roster, and;
  2. Accepting membership of the Humanitarian Logistics and Procurement Roster, allows the DRC Stand-by Roster to forward a P11 or CV to United Nations organizations and DRC programs at any time in relation to relevant positions without prior confirmation.

Membership of and deployment through the Humanitarian Logistics and Procurement Roster offers extensive opportunities to make a difference to the lives of people in need. It holds both personal and professional challenges as well as a myriad of unique experiences.