Information for Donors and UN Partners

The DRC Stand-by Roster deploys experts upon requests primarily from UN partner organisations.

During crisis and emergencies UN country offices often have personnel gaps, which can be due to lack of funding, time-consuming recruitment processes etc. During the critical phase of emergency response the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) Stand-by Roster personnel can strengthen the operational capacity.

The partner organisations can request deployees either through the Stand-by Member Roster or through the External Deployment Scheme.

Requesting Deployees from the Stand-by Member Roster

Deployment of Stand-by Member Roster personnel is funded by the Danish International Development Agency (Danida) and the UK Department for International Development (DFID). I you wish to receive a deployee from the Stand-by Member Roster and you believe that said deployee will improve the delivery of humanitarian aid and services, please follow the steps below:

  • Identify your personnel gaps.
  • Consult your organisations stand-by partner focal point at headquarters in Geneva, Rome, etc.
    Submit your request for an expert through your organisations focal point.

Read more on the Stand-by Member Roster deployment circle.

Requesting Deployees Under the External Deployment Scheme

Under the External Deployment Scheme the DRC Stand-by Roster provides administrative and contractual services to requesting UN organisations. Most often the Stand-by Roster will receive a request for deployments from a UN country operation through the Surge Capacity/emergency Preparedness and Response focal point from the respective UN organisation. The request includes details on the position, the identified candidate, the duty station, and the duration of the deployment. The Stand-by Roster Deployment Officers will create and provide an estimated budget which is to be confirmed by the requesting organisation. When the budget is confirmed the deployment is initiated.

Deployments under the External Deployment Scheme fall under the general Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the requesting UN organisation and the Stand-by Roster. However for each deployment a Reimbursable Loan Agreement (RLA) is signed, providing a contractual basis for the Stand-by Roster to eventually charge the costs of the deployment to the requesting organisation. RLA templates as well as guidelines for RLA deployments are found on this page.

Contractual Matters

Deployees that fall under the External Deployment Scheme are entitled to the same terms and conditions as deployees on the Stand-by Member Roster; the same salary scale applies, terms of employment, insurance policy and staff care entitlements. External Deployment Scheme deployees, who are not members of the Stand-by Member Roster, however, do not receive capacity development opportunities through the Stand-by Roster, and are not put forward for further deployment opportunities by the DRC Stand-by Roster.