Profile Descriptions


Humanitarian Logistics and Procurement Roster Profiles:


Aviation Officer

Examples of Duties and Preferred Experience:

  • Plan and coordinate all activities relating to safe execution of aviation operations in accordance with UN Aviation Standards and other relevant regulations.
  • Develop and apply appropriate operational risk management to ensure the safe air operations for UN staff and humanitarian partners. 
  • Negotiate and coordinate logistics and administrative support for aviation services.
  • Experience in commercial, military or general aviation, with focus on humanitarian air operations or relief operations. 
  • Experience in liaising with country authorities and civil-military bodies to facilitate air operations.  

Port Captain

Examples of Duties and Preferred Experience:

  • Conduct port assessment and set up local port office. Coordinate with Vessel Agents for prompt berthing and smooth load/discharge operations both container/break bulk and bulk/silo. Oversee that proper documents are received and submitted to local Authorities to ensure no delays in cargo clearance and vessel loading/discharging arrangements. Coordinate with Cargo Superintendent Companies and/or Vessel's port representatives prior to vessel arrivals to protect the organisation's interests during vessel operations and to ensure full cargo quantity in good condition is always loaded/ discharged.
  • Ensure contracted Stevedoring companies and other port services are fully prepared to handle the load/discharge operations.
  • Supervise and monitor vessel load/discharge at berths and, if required, take any necessary corrective actions to obtain the most cost efficient and timely operations in order to avoid or minimise demurrage charges, delays, cost, and cargo damage/losses.
  • Master Mariner, University degree or completion of Superior Maritime Institution, preferably in transport economics, with relevant logistic qualifications or extensive logistics experience in (complex) port and shipping operations.

Port Logistics Officer

Examples of Duties and Preferred Experience:

  • Plan and coordinate in a cost-effective way all port activities from receipt, freight forwarding, customs clearance, intermediate storage and local transport for all types of food and non-food items, and different modes of transport by sea (container/general cargo/bulk, imports/exports), land and rail. Set up reporting systems.
  • Oversee that correct documents are received well in time, and submitted to local authorities to ensure uninterrupted loading and discharging arrangements without delays and additional cost.
  • Oversee correct contract implementation by logistics service providers, trouble shoot and able to manage complex port operations with numerous parties involved, each with well-defined responsibilities and reporting lines.
  • Comprehensive professional experience in port operations, warehousing and freight forwarding.
  • Familiarity with international commodity trade practices and in-depth knowledge in port operations, dealing with port and government authorities. Potential to manage large teams, people manager and good negotiator.

Workshop Manager

Examples of Duties and Preferred Experience:

  • Efficiently manage a vehicle workshop ensuring that proper maintenance cycles are followed, that all repairs and maintenance are of a high standard, and that proper work shop administration, record keeping and vehicle history records are well maintained within the Fleet Management System (FMS).
  • Manage the maintenance cycle of vehicles by carrying out scheduled maintenance and repair, overhaul, reconditioning and modifications in an efficient manner and to maintain all vehicles to a high standard.
  • Responsible for tasks concerning the material management aspects of the operation, including the controlling, justification and issuance of spare parts, tires etc.
  • Comprehensive experience as Workshop Manager or from a similar job.
  • Educational background in auto mechanics with experience in both light and heavy vehicles.

Fleet Manager

Examples of Duties and Preferred Experience:

  • Responsible for the overall management and oversight of all fleet and workshop activities.
  • Manage and monitor the performance of trucks to optimize vehicle routing and scheduling and implement/manage the Fleet Management System (FMS).
  • Manage fleet staff and supervise outsourced service providers.
  • Comprehensive professional experience in commercial or government transportation and fleet management including managerial experience.
  • Relevant experience in project management in the humanitarian sector is desired.

General Logistics Officer (incl. warehousing, NFI etc.)

Examples of Duties and Preferred Experience:

  • Plan and lead implementation of innovative logistics operations, and collect and analyze relevant technical data to forecast operational needs.
  • Experience in contracting and evaluating service providers and third parties and in conducting market assessments.
  • Experience in supply chain, best transport modality/timing and transport management incl. budgets and staff.
  • Experience in warehousing and food commodity management, including non-food items and/or medical equipment is preferable.

Logistics Cluster Coordinator

Examples of Duties and Preferred Experience:

  • Lead the identification and prioritization of key logistics bottlenecks and gaps and liaise with the operating organizations to avoid congestion on logistics infrastructure. 
  • Lead the Logistics Cluster in the design of the Concept of Operation and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Possess the necessary soft skills experience to chair and facilitate the Logistics Cluster Meetings.
  • Comprehensive experience in humanitarian logistics incl. land, shipping or air transport and logistics/transport operations.
  • Experience in emergency logistics and assessments and emergency preparedness as well as cluster approach is required.


Procurement Officer (Food, Goods & Services)

Examples of Duties and Preferred Experience:

  • Assist in the development of a procurement strategy to meet the need of the UN program operations.
  • Build on existing capacity to reinforce local, regional and international market research, to undertake procurement actions efficiently.
  • Experience with operating in an environment where the complexity of managing procurement operations is high e.g. high value/volume or a range of procurement needs such as food, goods and services at local, regional and international level.
  • Experience in working with diverse markets and able to partner with key supply chain functions.