Resettlement Roster

UNHCR-DRC Resettlement Deployment Scheme

In beginning of December 2015 the DRC Stand-by Roster was officially awarded a contract with the Division of International Protection in UNHCR to become one of the four partners involved in the administration of the Resettlement Deployment Scheme. With 25 years of experience in establishing and administrating rosters, combined with a strong mandate on protection this is at the core of DRC’s work.

As the end of the year approaches, gaps arise in the operations context around the world and DRC has a particular interest in filling gaps in Africa and the MENA region. Hence, from beginning of January the first DRC resettlement deployees will deploy to Kenya and MENA, followed by other African countries in need in the course of the first quarter of the year. 

The objective of the UNHCR-DRC Resettlement Deployment Scheme is to mobilise qualified and committed resettlement experts and to deploy them according to request by UNHCR in a timely and effective manner thereby strengthening the capacity of UNHCR to meet the needs for resettlement in 2016 by deploying specialists to field operations. 

Membership Eligibility

The following general qualifications are taken into consideration as a requirement for membership of the Resettlement Roster:

  • Recent (within the last five years) relevant international experience (i.e. previous experience in case processing for refugees)
  • Previous individual casework experience (interviewing skills, counselling skills, systematically handling cases for clients with vulnerabilities, preferably refugees)
  • Legal background through education and/or work experience
  • Experience working in Governmental RSD procedures (on the executive or judicial side)
  • Proven knowledge of the international legal framework governing refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced persons and statelessness
  • Proficient in another UN language in addition to English (in particular French/Spanish/Arabic)
  • Experience from UNHCR, preferably in resettlement and/or RSD work
  • Proven capacities in UNHCR protection work (based on Performance Appraisal Reports)      

Applicants must be:

  • Proficient in English;
  • Ready to work effectively in stressful and hardship environments;
  • Able to commit for active membership of minimum 3 years.

Kindly be informed that current members of the DRC Stand-by Roster with a protection profile should not apply for the Resettlement Roster. These members will be screened and contacted seperately.  

How to Apply

The next recruitment for the Resettlement Roster is scheduled for 2017, please keep yourself updated by visiting the website or signing up for the Danish Refugee Council Job Agent which you can find under Vacancies.

Applications are welcome when the recruitment period is open.

A special preference for applicants speaking either French or Arabic will be prevalent in the screening process.
Furthermore it will be considered an advantage if the applicant is not a member of other rosters.

Please note that we do not accept unsolicited applications!
Only applications submitted through the vacancy posting online will be reviewed.


The Recruitment Process

An application to become a member of the Resettlement Roster should include the following:

  • An updated CV and/or P11
  • A motivational letter
  • An indication of at least three individuals holding a form of supervisory role from previous, relevant employments, who will be willing to submit a written reference upon request
  • Performative Evaluations from previous employments


After review and screening of all applicants, the shortlisted candidates will have to undertake a written test. Candidates who pass the test, and are evaluated as suitable, will be invited to participate in an interview.

Once a candidate has been selected for membership, he/she will receive an official welcome letter, inviting him/her to become a member of the Resettlement Roster.


Please submit your application though the vacancy posting.
All applications submitted outside the offical DRC recruitment systems will be rejected. For further information on the Resettlement Roster, please see the vacancy posting.