Courses Offered


First Responder Training (FRT)

The First Responder course covers first aid response at the scene of an accident, as well as preventing further damage to people at the scene.


Family Liaison Officer Training (FLOT)

This course is suited for those who wish to become a Family Liaison Officer, which is a crucial role needed to support the Crisis Management Team. By ensuring that the family of anyone affected in a crisis will be kept up to date and interaction between the family and the CMT is continuous.


Crisis/incident Management Team Training (CMT)

The CMT provides management staff with the tools they need in order to establish a Crisis Management Team and to assess risks and vulnerabilities of their operation.


Safety Advisor Certification (SAC)

The SAC training is designed to give you, as a safety advisor, the competencies to implement policies and transform procedures and protocols into practice.


Safety Management Training (SMT)

The SMT training provides you with the tools a manager needs to implement a solid plan of action for any situation in which safety is breached or threatened. You are trained on all of the areas under your responsibility.


Hazardous Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

The HEAT course is a comprehensive advanced safety course intended for people who need a wide range of tools and techniques to enable their navigation in hazardous environments all across the globe.



The overall objective of the re-HEAT course is to refresh the knowledge and skills of participants, who have previously participated in HEAT (Hazardous Environment Awareness Training). The duration of re-HEAT is two days.


Personal Awareness Safety Training (PAST)

The PAST course prepares all staff to travel and work in a specific country context, including but not limited to managing potential risks that can arise and how to manage and overcome  them successfully.