Hazardous Environment Awareness Training


Safety for all purposes

The overall objective of the Hazardous Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) course is to prepare participants to understand and react to safety and security incidents in hostile or hazardous environments.

The course is designed for participants with a wide range of backgrounds and occupations, and with hostile environment experience ranging from none to significant. Participants will be trained to recognize and mitigate potential threats and respond appropriately to various safety and security incidents. During the HEAT course you will learn techniques on how to "take control of chaos" through classroom sessions and practical exercises. The training courses are based on our experiences and knowledge of managing an international humanitarian organization with over 4500 employees working in 35 countries around the world.

Pre-screening of training needs, close mentoring and follow-up with every participant ensures that he/she is able to understand and react appropriately to risks and security threats.

Safety and security training of the Danish Refugee Council focus on how to stay and operate, rather than on how and when to leave. Proactive and non-aggressive measures form the basis of the Danish Refugee Council’s approach to safety and security, and thus the HEAT training.