Safety Awareness Training


The Safety Awareness Training (SAT) will prepare staff for their professional travel by increasing safety awareness.
Participants will learn to recognize personal strenghts and vulnerabilities.
Through working in plenary and team sessions facilitated by a team of professionals and experts with current operational field experience, you will be offered a number of integrated learning points, including keynote addresses and practical exercises.

Learning points
The learning points emphasize various challenges related to navigating in potentially dangerous environments, negotiating hostilities and managing body & mind in stress.

Participants will learn how to recognize risks, how to behave in order to reduce risks, and how to respond to various security incidents.
We offer a wide range of safety training courses designed in dialogue with our professional safety advisors.

  • Road and travel safety
  • First Aid
  • Residental and office safety
  • Stress management
  • Gender safety and sexual assault
  • Guards and security personel
  • Civil unrest and mobs
  • Conflict survival

SAT can take place at the clients own premises, at a location of their choice or at DRC Headquarter in Copenhagen, Denmark.