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"I am internally displaced. I am a survivor"


In Yemen, a country that has been torn by a 5-year-old conflict, the combination of food insecurity, lack of dignified shelters and legal documentation, has led to poor basic services and the collapse of the country’s economy. ...

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Using kinship ties to face the burdens of displacement and loss


The two siblings, Houssam and Noha, found their way to become friends as they survive the struggles of displacement and the discourses of their community.

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Turning up the volume for women's rights in Iraq


More than two years after the defeat of ISIL in Iraq, the city of Mosul is beginning to recover as people start to return home and rebuild their lives. After years of struggling through conflict, Zainab, a young woman from Mosu...

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Entrepreneur training gave Dammoino income and hope

Madame Dammoino could not support her family. But now her life has changed thanks to our economic recovery project in the Central African Republic.

Olena deminer Ukraine

The demining heroes of Ukraine

Many children and adults are killed or seriusly injured by mines and unexploded ordnances in Ukraine. The TV channel ARTE has made a documentary about some of our deminers, who remove the lethal mines.

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How football is helping to heal tensions in Iraq


In Northern Iraq, a football tournament organised by the Danish Refugee Council is helping to repair communities left fractured after decades of conflict.

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Atong has been displaced over and over again

South Sudan is a country with numerous invisible crises that never make the headlines. They remain overshadowed, unreported and unreached by the international community. The invisible crises vary from inter-ethnic communal viol...

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Cash grants are saving lives in drought-stricken Somalia

The drought in Somalia has caused the displacement of many people who have relocated to different areas in search for food and other basic services in order to survive.

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The road to recovery: A water tank brings new life after conflict


For families who fled the ISIS occupation of their town in northern Iraq, the construction of a water tank is a vital lifeline and the first step to rebuilding their community; creating the promise of a safe future and helping ...

South Sudan floods

Emergency flood response to unprecedented floods in South Sudan


Heavy rains and flooding have devastated vast areas of South Sudan, exacerbating an already complex humanitarian situation. Danish Refugee Council in South Sudan is providing emergency flood response to the affected persons in ...