Damagetowatertank Ayadiyah Weboptimized

The road to recovery: A water tank brings new life after conflict


For families who fled the ISIS occupation of their town in northern Iraq, the construction of a water tank is a vital lifeline and the first step to rebuilding their community; creating the promise of a safe future and helping ...

South Sudan floods

Emergency flood response to unprecedented floods in South Sudan


Heavy rains and flooding have devastated vast areas of South Sudan, exacerbating an already complex humanitarian situation. Danish Refugee Council in South Sudan is providing emergency flood response to the affected persons in ...


Learning a new language while swinging in the hammocks


A dedicated teacher from eastern Ukraine opened a center for children's development. After receiving a grant from DRC, she expanded her business and built a space, where children learn languages in an innovative way.

Congeo School3 1

Despite the Ebola crisis, the school year resumes in DR Congo


For more than a year, the territories of Beni and Lubero have been at the heart of the Ebola outbreak. The outbreak is occurring in a context of armed conflict. The socio-economic situation of several inhabitants of Beni and Lu...

Football Greece

Celebrating FutbolNet in Greece


An innovative project DRC looks to expand

Awsaf in Azraq

Syrian youth and children confront the hardships of displacement with determination


Syrian children tell their stories as refugees in the Azraq camp as they try to build a better future for themselves.


An opportunity to rebuild a life: How access to employment helps Syrian refugees become self-sufficient


For many refugees, employment is more than just having a job and achieving financial freedom, it is an opportunity to rebuild a life.


LGBTQI refugees find support at the DRC Urban Project in Athens


Sexual minorities continue to be oppressed and persecuted around the world. As a result, gay people often seek protection outside their home countries. In the Greek capital, DRC Urban Project supports refugees and asylum seeker...

Sff Turkey Hussein

Starting over in refuge


After losing everything they have worked for to the war in Syria, three refugees in Turkey are rebuilding their lives from scratch.

Lost In Refuge Turkey

Lost in Refuge – a documentary about the stories of Syrian refugees in Turkey


Eight years on, the war in Syria has taken a heavy toll on Syria’s people and left millions displaced both inside and outside of the country. The new online documentary ‘Lost in Refuge – the Turkey Edition’ portrays three Syria...