A real pleasure from owning a small business



From Iraq

Farus, a, 36-year old mother from Syria is a cancer sufferer who looks after her daughter alone. After successfully attending DRC's small business development training, which was conducted in Duhok governorate, Farus was granted $1,200 USD and permitted to set up her business from home based on medical grounds and the need to provide care for her child. Farus started selling cosmetics, toiletries, accessories and children’s clothes.

Only one month after receiving the grant, the business is already in making a profit. Farus hopes the income generated from the business will help pay for her cancer treatment and enable her to provide a better future for her child. She also hopes to expand her business and is currently working on designing some posters to better advertise her business and increase her clientele. "My home was always empty, which made my child and I feel lonely but now I have women in my neighborhood visiting us and it’s a real pleasure spending time with them," says Farus.