Activities in 2013 - The Central African Republic

Head of Desk for CAR, Line Brylle, tells about the relief work in 2013.

What made the biggest impression on me in 2013 was the deterioration of the situation in Central African Republic due to internal conflict and a coup d’état in March 2013. Since the coup, the situation has not stabilized; in fact it has gradually been getting worse and making our work in CAR much more difficult.

More than 500.000 people are now internally displaced without proper access to health facilities, food, water and sanitation. More than half the population is directly in need of assistance of some kind. Civilians have been and are the victims of human rights violations, violence and looting. Most of the children in the country cannot go to school as the schools are closed; some have even been destroyed or used to host the displaced.

As the head of desk for CAR, the situation in during this year has been very challenging for me, and sometimes everything seems hopeless. But I am proud that DRC has continuously had its team on the ground, and we have worked hard in order to address the increasing humanitarian needs of the conflict affected population. We have been monitoring the violations committed towards civilians, referring victims to assistance, providing water and sanitation as well as access to basic items.

In the near future the team and I, together with DRC’s Division of Emergency, will be up-scaling operations in CAR in order to help even more people affected by the difficult situation the country is going through. I sincerely hope that 2014 will bring more stability and the possibility of peace to the population of the Central African Republic.