Becoming self-reliant through training and small business - the case of Sheelan



Sheelan is a female head-of-household residing in Khananqin, Diyala Governorate. She completed a four-month technical vocational training in December 2013, implemented by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) in collaboration with the Iraqi Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MoLSA), with funding from AusAID.

With the set of toolkit given to Sheelan after graduation, she went on to set up her own beauty care shop. "I was nothing when I enrolled in the DRC program," says Sheelan; adding, "now I have acquired new skills and have my own business, I am becoming self-reliant."

According to Sheelan, during the Kurdish holiday of Nawrooz she served a high number of customers and raised around IQD 650,000 (approximately USD 540) in a week's time. Within a short period of starting her business, Sheelan boasts of a growing clientele and increased earnings. She also plans on hiring an assistant to help her meet the demand of her customers.

The change is visible. Sheelan and tens of other female-heads-of-households, who benefitted from the training and tool-kits provided by DRC are thriving and becoming self-reliant through their skills and small business initiatives.