DRC Building dreams through scholarships

Two hundred and ninety four students in Dadaab, the world’s largest refugee camp, who are beneficiaries of the Danish Refugee Council‘s training and scholarship program, graduated on the 20th December 2014. The graduates are students from Kenyatta University, Frontier Institute and KISWCD.

From Kenya


By offering series of training and education opportunities, DRC aims at reducing vulnerability among refugee families, improve refugee protection, reduce dependency on aid and prepare youth for the future through vocational training and technical skills.

“I am very excited today. My achievement would have been just a dream without this scholarship, and I look forward to continue to degree level because the diploma course, I have attained today, qualifies me to join a degree class," says Said Abdi Fatah, a refugee student who believes he will one day return to Somali to help with development of his country.

DRC has been assisting bright refugees living in the Dadaab Refugee Camp to turn around their lives through scholarships. By giving them the chance to learn and graduate from some of the Kenya's best learning institutions, DRC is building the capacity of the young refugees to take up strategic roles in the camps and in Somalia to rebuild it should they choose to go back home.

“There are some of our friends who passed through this programme who are already heads of programmes and managers of departments in Somalia. I would like to find a job too in Somalia using my new qualifications,” says Said Abdi Aden from Ifo camp within Dadaab who has graduated with a diploma in disaster management from Kenyatta University.

The scholarship and training programme in Dadaab will go on in 2015 with hundreds of continuing students looking forward to graduate, besides more recruitment in consultations with community leaders is ongoing and more students are expected to join the scholarship programme to take up certificates, diploma and degree course.