© Francoise Makhoul
© Francoise Makhoul

DRC provides a safe haven in Lebanon for fleeing Syrian families

“I was pregnant when I arrived to Lebanon. We were living in squalid conditions but I know it was still better than living under constant fear in Syria” – Kawthar, Syrian refugee.

From Lebanon

Akkar, North Lebanon: After a long trip through the mountains, Kawthar arrived exhausted from Homs with her husband and 8 children in a remote area near Lebanon’s border to Syria. They found a temporary place to rest in Akkar, North Lebanon but finding adequate shelter was their biggest challenge. Two weeks later, a Lebanese landlord informed them about the Danish Refugee Council’s (DRC) shelter program and referred them to the organization.

“Within the coming days, DRC provided us with a safe and secure shelter where my children were able to shower with hot water and sleep in a warm place during the winter time”, Kawthar said.

With more than 288,000 registered refugees in North Lebanon, hosting capacities of the Lebanese people are being stretched. DRC is working closely with local authorities to find adequate safe housing to vulnerable families.

Since January, DRC has been able to rehabilitate 38 individual houses in Akkar where 417 individuals are residing through funding made available by the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO).