Fadumo tirelessly informs displaced people of COVID-19

Fadumo is an internally displaced in Somalia, who now works for DRC to raise awareness of COVID-19 to avoid the spread of the virus to settlements and camps for displaced people.

Fadumo fled from Mogadishu in Somalia in 2006 due to continuous conflict in search for better opportunities for her family. She moved to Bossaso and started working with the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) as a cleaner in August 2009. 

From March 2020 Fadumo has been raising awareness on prevention of COVID-19 and hygiene activities, training her neighbours, community and family at Boqolka Bush Camp where she lives. 

Using a poster with pictures and easily illustratable steps Fatuma tirelessly carried out the awareness messages on the deadly and highly contagious virus to many families at the camp.

While the world is struggling to contain the spread of the virus, in close collaboration with camp management committees Fadumo and her colleague Muhyidin carry out the awareness campaigns in the camps upon return from work in the afternoon and evening.

With two hours break from work and devoting her resting/leisure time to ensure communities awareness and preventive measure against virus is strengthened.

Displaced in crowded camps are at risk

The COVID-19 pandemic poses a significant threat to forcibly displaced populations globally. Often vulnerable, living in crowded spaces and with limited opportunities to access health services, the effect on them from the pandemic is a global concern for the humanitarian community.

Cases of COVID-19 has been detected in almost all countries including Somalia.

DRC has scaled down on number of staff working in the field, many of whom are working from home. All DRC staff were swiftly trained on how to continue delivering much needed assistance to our beneficiaries amid the pandemic. COVID-19 awareness materials were produced. 

The area management in Bossaso in Somalia decided to also train two staff members who live in a camp for the internally displaced: Fadumo and her colleague Muhyidin. In turn, they would raise awareness on COVID-19 among their communities.