Haweeyo found a solution for her sick mother



From Somaliland

Through the DRC Cash for Work program, Haweeyo was able to pay her mother's medical bills.

Haweeyo Sharmake lives in Lasanod District in Daami Village, South Lasanod. She is 25 years old and lives with her 4 children, husband, and mother. Haweeyo was displaced from Diinsoor district in the southwestern Bay region of Somalia five years ago following the outbreak of violence in the area. At the time, the journey to Las Anod was long and treacherous as militias controlled the routes.

They were lucky to make it to Las Anod without incident.
On reaching Lasanod, they got a dwelling in one the IDP camps supported by the DRC. But then, new reality soon hit. They had no food. It was like they had just run away from one problem to another.

Determined to survive, Haweeyo immediately started an aggressive search for a job. She desperately needed one as her children and mother needed food and a place to sleep. She finally landed a job in one of the homes as a domestic worker, washing clothes and cleaning in front of shops. It was a poorly paying job but nonetheless, she had an income.

Unfortunately her mother Amal had become ill with “Goiter” and needed surgery. Haweeyo could not send her mother to a doctor. In January 2013, Haweeyo learnt of the DRC cash for work program through the local administration in the area. The local administration recommended her for assistance following which she was assessed and immediately enrolled in the Cash for Work program. She received four months cash support by working in community rehabilitation schemes that DRC and the community had identified.

The impact of that cash for work on Haweeyo and her family shows through the following quotations from Haweeyo’s interview.

“I thank DRC for what they have done for me. I will never forget them for the support they gave to vulnerable families in the Cash Program. Before DRC, I had two problems, one of debt of food from shops, and the other one was my mother being sick with Goiter and not having a means for her surgery. Alhamdulillah, I was selected for DRC Cash for work for four months where I earned per month $130 per month. I saved enough money, and then sent my mother to Galkacyo Hospital for surgery. My savings were enough to pay for the surgery and I used the balance to pay the debt for food. I would be very glad to see more DRC programs in Lasanod like the one that enabled me to overcome both of my problems. Now my mother has fully recovered”.

Cash programs have direct impacts on vulnerable households like improving access to medical care, food, debt relief, and helping to meet basic needs while restoring weakened market systems.

This activity is a part of the USAID-funded project: Access to food and livelihood support for drought and conflict affected communities in Somalia. The activites are therefore made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contents are the responsibility of the Danish Refugee Council and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government.