Helping vulnerable families with food assistance in Yemen

In Yemen, more than 14 million people are food insecure. DRC works among other things with providing food to some of the most vulnerable families. Read here the story about Aicha and her family who live in Abyan governorate in southern Yemen.

Aicha and her family, including her parents, two sisters and four brothers, of whom two are married with three children amongst them, receive monthly food assistance from DRC through a WFP-funded project.

“I am very thankful for food assistance from DRC”, says Aicha. She explained that prior to receiving assistance, everyone in the family was often hungry. Without food, she was unable to prepare meals for her family. For her, it was a source of constant worry to not be able to feed her family regularly and wonder where the next meal would come from.

None of the family members have been able to secure jobs during the conflict and have no source of income. Prior to the conflict, most vulnerable Yemeni households were already struggling to secure sufficient food and income. The crisis has exacerbated this situation, and most households are likely to have depleted their savings and utilized other (negative) coping mechanisms during the last nine months of the current conflict. This includes Aicha’s family, which found its community structure disrupted through conflict-related displacement.

As opportunities to generate income decreased or disappeared during the last nine months, DRC’s assistance has proven vital to Aicha’s family.

DRC’s emergency food assistance provides households with monthly rations that include 100 kg cereal, 10 kg beans, 6 kg oil, 5 kg sugar, 10 kg WSB, and 1 kg salt in order to meet daily food needs. In addition to Aicha and her family, DRC targets 4,358 households (30,500 beneficiaries) with emergency food assistance in Abyan governorate this year alone. DRC is providing similar food assistance to approximately 15,000 households (100,000 people) in Sa’ada governorate in northern Yemen, while approximately 1,000 small landholders have also been assisted with seeds, fuel, and fertilizer so that they are able to secure food from their irrigated farming as well as re-gain more dependable and longer term access to food.

DRC’s food security and livelihood assistance is a life-saving intervention that targets the poorest of the poor; selected recipients are amongst the most food insecure households who have been selected against the Government of Yemen’s Social Welfare Fund criteria. DRC’s food assistance is aimed at alleviating the burden of food insecurity of the most vulnerable households in Yemen, such as Aicha’s family.