Hope rekindled – the story of Rasoul



From Iraq

By Maxwell S. George, Livelihoods Advocacy Officer, DRC Iraq

Eighteen-year-old Rasoul Salim Kadhim is an Iraqi and the eldest of seven children. His family returned to Iraq after several years of exile in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Rasoul’s father is a former Iraqi soldier. Living in Missan, Rasoul’s family is among several others whose reintegration is impeded by unemployment, as well as cultural and legal barriers.

“I was jobless and hopeless and confused about what I could have done with my life. But today, things have changed. This training DRC is providing has rekindled my hope and helped me rediscovered my potential. I am proud of myself because I am learning to become a practical tradesman. I look forward to starting my private welding shop when I graduate” – Rasoul explained joyfully from his training workshop at the MoLSA Technical Vocational Training center in Missan.