"I know I will make a difference"

Entisar is a 28-year-old Sudanese refugee and school teacher, who is raising awareness of COVID-19 with support from DRC.

Entisar Ali Mon was born in Fadamia village in Blue Nile State, Sudan. She was in university when the war broke and her family fled to Sudan. Now 28-year-old, Entisar is the Chairlady of the Gendrassa Women Committee and a primary school teacher.

Entisar has always championed the education of girls, and sensitized them against female genital mutilation and early marriage. However, “with the threat of COVID-19, the schools have closed and so my close interaction with pupils and especially girls has gone down.”

When she first heard of COVID-19, Entisar worried that social distancing was going to be unmanageable. She also observed that many community members had the wrong information and believed in myths about the virus.

Undertaking awareness campaigns on COVID-19


As the Chairlady of the Women Committee, she has the opportunity to influence her community and therefore attended a DRC training to better understand COVID-19. Entisar quickly understood that she promptly needed to “inform my community on how the disease is spread, signs, symptoms and the preventive measures.”

With the help of posters in Arabic provided by DRC, she has been undertaking awareness campaigns at the household level, markets, water points and the clinic.  

“This year’s commemoration of refugee day will definitely be different. In the previous years, we gather the communities and celebrate our achievements as we reflect on our lives back home. This year, I plan to continue with my work of sensitizing the community on COVID-19 because I know that as a woman I count and I will make a difference.”