“I now look forward to going to school every morning”

Syrian children welcome that DRC has completely rehabilitated a school in Homs in Syria. After the conflict it was lacking even the minimum requirements as windows, doors, bathrooms, water outlets and boards.

With summer coming to an end, children are going back to school in Syria. But this year will be different to Abd-Alqader Tlas’ students in Homs, as they are going back to a completely rehabilitated school.

Tala is an 11-year-old girl from Al Rastan in Rural Homs who grew up to find herself in a conflict zone. Going to school was no longer safe so her mother, who is a teacher, decided with the school’s principal to run safe spaces for students where they can spend their time together and take their lessons.

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When the conflict in Al-Rastan city ended and life started to gradually return back to normal, both the principal and teachers visited the school, but they found it lacked even the minimum requirements (windows - doors - bathrooms - water outlets - boards). However, despite all the challenges and difficulties that they faced, they decided to return to work so the children can get proper education.

“It was not as my mother described it to me. The school was dark and cold as ice. Rain was entering through holes and windows. I did not like going there. I would rather stay at home,” Tala described her first experience going back to the school.

"The school is great now"

With the help of the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and with funding from  the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO), our shelter and infrastructure team in Homs were able to provide assistance, in coordination with the authorities in the region, by rehabilitating the school and providing the required equipment.

“The school is great now. I couldn’t believe it is the same old school. I now look forward to going to the school every morning with my mother,” Tala said with a smile.