"I overcame the fear I had"

Sudanese refugee Muhaba had her hope and courage restored after DRC assistance.

In 2012, the conflict in Sudan led Muhaba Adam to flee from Blue Nile to South Sudan. She settled in Batil Camp, in Upper Nile State, together with her husband, children and brother in law.

Starting a new life at Batil Camp was not easy for Muhaba, who struggled to connect with her new environment and worried about the friends and family she left behind. However, a few weeks later, after the camp had been cleared and huts built, she was more hopeful.

“I felt that part of my missing soul was back to my physical body and I overcame the fear I had. The agencies were all working hard to make sure my fellow refugees and I get the basic needs and their services restored hope in our lives.”

Outbreak of COVID-19 triggered new fears

“When the breaking news of COVID-19 reached the refugee community through DRC in a meeting, my heart leaped; not because I was afraid of death, but I was worried for my children.”

She was also worried that preventive measures would be very difficult to implement within the community, even with her brother in law who is a doctor.

A DRC training enabled Muhaba to get a new perspective. “It helped me to better understand COVID-19, prevention principles and my role in the community. This gave me more courage and I was already planning to apply the knowledge to my home and the community. Fortunately, the facilitator challenged all of us make a difference in our community. The facilitator provided us with some hand-outs and World Health Organization’s Arabic posters for preventive measures.”