Regaining Sight



From Pakistan

Zulehka is able to see again after years in the dark.

By Rehana Zawar, Programme Manager, Pakistan Program

No one can deny the importance of sight. The beauty of nature is only noticeable because we can see.

Zulekha is a registered Afghan Refugee, who has been living in Baghicha Refugee Village of Mardan, Pakistan for the last 30 years. Her place of origin is Kunduz, Afghanistan. She is the mother of 12 children.

Back in 2002-2003, her left eye had got infected and as a consequence hereof she lost her eye sight. It was a growing piece of flesh in her eyes, which had caused the problem - medically called Dacryocystitis. The only treatment was surgery by an eye specialist, followed by proper post-operation care and medication. Zulekha recalls that some six-seven years ago, their camp was visited by an organization claiming to provide eye treatment to patients in need. She had visited them, but she did not get proper attention and treatment.

Her husband was too poor to afford the expenses of her eye surgery. Though DRC is not a health service organization, when Zulekha approached DRC Mardan Protection Team, the Team referred her to the Khyber Eye Foundation Hospital for essential treatment. Surgery of her eyes was successfully conducted and she is now once again able to see the beauty of nature due to the efforts of DRC.

In the case of Zulekha, DRC thus had to extend services beyond our typical mandate but in accordance with the humanitarian imperative principle of providing humanitarian assistance wherever it is needed.