The Hero Grandmother

A Syrian family arrived at the border between Serbia and Macedonia - and were met by the DRC team.

On 18th December 2015 three children arrived to Miratovac, Macedonian-Serbian border point together with their grandparents and mother. Their father was killed after he had been arrested in Syria. He used to work as a shop keeper to sell nuts and cooked seeds in Damascus, but the randomly arrests reached him with no legal basis. His children and wife stayed without feeder or care giver during harsh economic circumstances, and also loose their flat in Rural Damascus due to a rocket distorted it in an unsecure area. They had to flee to their grandfather's home to live there – and had to continue towards Europe, since life in Syria was to dangerous.

The 79-aged grandfather is suffering from a series of medical problems with high blood pressure and heart problems among them. He was examined by DRC doctors that provided him with the appropriate medicines.

DRC protection team in Serbia also met the 67 years old grandmother, Nawal, who had considerable high diabetes rate. Despite that, she was unarguably the strongest one; leading the family on this trip. She was talking cheerfully to her grandsons and said: "We are not in hurry, we should wait and have a rest to take care of our health as long as we are quite old."

When she was asked about her plan for the family she started crying and said: "There is no plan but all we seek to have is freedom with a safe, decent, respectable, independent life." She quickly wiped the tears and said: "I believe that I will be able to rescue my family."