"This project is one of the most valuable projects"

Returning home, access to clean water continues to be one of Syrians’ biggest challenges. DRC is assisting with access to clean water for the Syrians rebuilding their homes.

Years of conflict have taken a high toll on Taha and his family of six, who have suffered and have been forced into displacement for eight years.

As a result of the family’s poor economic situation and their inability to continue to pay the rent, Taha and his family decided to return to their home in Al-Rastan in Syria, but they found it lacked the most basic requirements, such as electricity and water, for them to be able to live in dignity.

That however didn’t stop them. With the positive spirit that Taha and his sons had, and despite their lack of money, they insisted on rebuilding their old home again, as it carried their childhood memories.

With the help of the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and with funding from the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO), our shelter and infrastructure team in Homs were able to provide assistance to Taha and his family, in coordination with the authorities in the region, through the maintenance of a clean water network.

“In my opinion, this project is one of the most valuable projects that has happened since we returned. Now we have access to clean water,” Taha concluded.