We got our privacy back



From Somalia

Dhuuxo Mahad got her privacy and her dignity back with a new toilet sponsered by the DRC

Dhuuxo Mahad is a 67 year-old grandmother of five children and mother to Safiya who is mentally sick. She lives in Afbarwaqo IDP camp at KM10 - Afgoi corridor, Dharkenley site. Dhuuxo Mahad was one of the 2011 drought victims, displaced from Bay region and settled at Darwish IDP Camp - in Mogadishu Wartanabada district. She lived there until 2013. They were recently evicted from Darwish IDP camp and Dhuuxo and her family once again displaced, sought a new dwelling in KM10 Afgoi corridor Dharkenley district. She tells us her narrative in the new settlement.

“When we arrived at KM10, the area was bush, no sanitation facility and basic services completely absent. People were practicing open defecation. We built our traditional pit latrine which was made up of sticks, torn plastic sheet, nylon rope and some old cloths. The top cover was two poles in the two sides of the pit, sticks and cartons. This kind of pit was very dangerous especially for children. Without supervision, the children could easily fall down into the latrine pit. It also caused poor hygiene and sanitation to the environment that could lead to diseases in the community. Worse still, the latrine had no door and therefore there was no privacy at all. With the support of Danish Refugee Council, our privacy is preserved, dignity is restored, and hygiene and our Security are improved, and thanks to DRC.”

With that, Dhuuxo concludes her story. She then proudly showed us their new latrine.

Dhuuxo's family and many of her neighbours have been supported with sanitation facilities (latrines), sanitation kits shared with other families, hygiene kits and received training on health and hygiene. This initiative is supported financially by OFDA. With this assistance Dhuuxo’s family and community have improved their living conditions making life in the camps a little bearable.

This activity is a part of the USAID-funded project: Access to food and livelihood support for drought and conflict affected communities in Somalia. The activites are therefore made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contents are the responsibility of the Danish Refugee Council and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government.