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Hunger and violence forced Alex and his family to flee


Thousands of people from South Sudan continue to flee out of the country in search of safety and food. Civil war and famine have plagued the country for years making the civilian population live in constant fear for their lives...

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An Iraqi father’s journey into displacement


Ramadan, a husband and a father of four children tells the story of saving his family after the so-called Islamic State took control of their town.

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A Father’s wish to register his daughter


Adan, a Syrian refugee father living in Lebanon wants basic rights for his daughter, born on Father’s Day four years ago.

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Expanding business on World Refugee Day


Harerimana, a 20-year-old woman and mother of a 1 month old baby daughter attended the World Refugee Day celebration Mtendeli refugee camp in Tanzania with her popular bread rolls to display and sell at the exhibition area.

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Women’s groups provide both friendship and a better life


Life has improved significantly for 49-year-old Mary Yangi after she joined a women’s project which the Danish Refugee Council runs in Northwestern Uganda with support from Lise and Gudmund Jørgensen’s Foundation.

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"We walked for seven days to find food"


In Southern Somalia, years of conflict makes it difficult to deliver humanitarian aid to rural areas. Combined with a disastrous drought, it has resulted in hundreds of thousands moving to city areas in search of food and water.

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Calm under pressure


Not many people can imagine making a 12-hour journey on foot through a heavily mined mountain range, but that’s just one of several harrowing experiences in recent years that have shaped 21-year-old Hussam and developed in him ...

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Turning houses into homes for conflict-affected Iraqis in Tikrit


Back in his hometown of Shirqat, Saleh used to spend care-free evenings laughing and joking in his garden surrounded by his family and relatives.

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Vincent has big plans - all he needs is a printer


Large numbers of refugees have greatly affected the area where Vincent Kenyi grew up. He now lives in a refugee camp though he is not a refugee. But he is happy about the changes because it has granted him new opportunities to ...


Clean drinking water to conflict-affected Iraqis south of Mosul


A new water treatment plant on the banks of the Tigris River will provide clean drinking water for more than 50,000 Iraqis at the Qayyarah Airstrip Emergency Site, the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) said Thursday.