Greece Space

Shelter upgrade gives refugees in Alexandria space to live


Space is vital for every human being’s activities and personal health. However, for hundreds of refugees living in prefabricated accommodations in Greece, overcrowding means a loss of dignity and personal space. A new upgrade p...


From Syria and Iraq to Greece: Refugee women in Koutsochero site stay strong


Refugee and migrant women often face particularly difficult obstacles but continue to amaze the world with their strength as the primary caregivers to their children. While often being a single parent or the only parent on the ...

Uganda Wtd1

World Toilet Day: Improved latrine coverage for South Sudanese refugees in Uganda


A European Union funded consortium led by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has supported South Sudanese refugees in Uganda with construction of 7,630 household latrines, improving hygiene and sanitation in settlements in the no...

Dinosaurs Park

Refugee children in Greece visits Dinosaur Park


More than their home, when children become refugees they leave schooling behind. While the Greek authorities provide formal education, the Danish Refugee Council organizes non-formal educational activities at eight hosting site...

Drc Jordan 32 X3

Helping Syrian refugees in Jordan in legal documentation


The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) in Jordan, leading a consortium of six international NGOs, help Syrian refugees obtain the documents they require to legalise their stay in the country.

20180829 120257 1

3,000 Congolese refugees benefit from DRC Cash Distribution in Uganda


Close to 3,000 Congolese refugees in Uganda have benefitted from a Danish Refugee Council (DRC) cash project in Kyaka II refugee settlement.


Towards a new life: Boosting refugees’ integration through language training


Daas Alkhatib speaks Arabic, English, Greek and understands Turkish. He is asked which language he would prefer to speak. “In Greek,” the young Syrian refugee replies, grinning with enthusiasm, “I prefer to speak Greek now that...


”These conflicts need to be proactively addressed” – continued peace building in the Karamoja region


In the Karamoja region in the Northeastern Uganda, the Danish Refugee Council and the Danish Demining Group have for many years assisted the locals in armed violence reduction and conflict solution. The locals have seen a large...

Afghan Iran

Helping Afghan refugees in Iran making an income


The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is establishing multi-service Community Centres for Afghan refugees in Iran. The community centres will support multiple long-term income generation options for vulnerable Afghans.

Boat -trip -Greece -small

Boat trip transforms painful memories for refugee youth in Greece


Many of the children and youth who have arrived in Greece as refugees have endured dangerous and traumatic experiences while crossing the sea. As part of our activities for refugee children, the Danish Refugee Council in Greece...