Women And Girls Safe Space Azraq Camp

Women-only centre in Azraq Camp restores refugees’ love for life


The Danish Refugee Council’s (DRC) new female-only space is providing respite to refugees of all ages.

Iwd Success Story Nour

A woman’s fight for survival in refuge


Even after years of displacement, Nour does not allow her refugee status to stand in her way of becoming the woman she knows she can be.

Greece Int Day Of Women In Science

Refugee girls get inspired on Intl. Day of Women and Girls in Science


February 11 marked the fourth year of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science and the renewed commitment of over 68 countries to achieve gender equality in science. In mainland sites in north Greece, refugee childre...

Laundry 002

The laundry space in Skaramangas: More than just washing clothes


Being constantly on the move, refugees often have trouble finding where to wash their clothes and personal items. In Greek hosting sites, where people stay until their asylum procedure is concluded, laundry services can make a ...

Photo Sessions Schisto

Through My Eyes: Refugee youth get creative and connect with Greeks through photography


Many of the refugee children and youth who have arrived in Greece have endured traumatic experiences in their perilous journeys and require separate consideration. To enable them to express themselves and restore a sense of nor...

Car Hepatities

Emergency response in a volatile environment


Epidemic hepatitis-E outbreak in Bocaranga causes additional suffering for populations living in precarious conditions in the Central African Republic.


Lost in refuge – an interactive documentary about Syrian refugees in Jordan

While the Middle East region continues to deal with multiple emergency situations that have resulted in waves of displacement, people including refugees, internally displaced and vulnerable communities need their voices to be h...

Greece Space

Shelter upgrade gives refugees in Alexandria space to live


Space is vital for every human being’s activities and personal health. However, for hundreds of refugees living in prefabricated accommodations in Greece, overcrowding means a loss of dignity and personal space. A new upgrade p...


From Syria and Iraq to Greece: Refugee women in Koutsochero site stay strong


Refugee and migrant women often face particularly difficult obstacles but continue to amaze the world with their strength as the primary caregivers to their children. While often being a single parent or the only parent on the ...

Uganda Wtd1

World Toilet Day: Improved latrine coverage for South Sudanese refugees in Uganda


A European Union funded consortium led by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has supported South Sudanese refugees in Uganda with construction of 7,630 household latrines, improving hygiene and sanitation in settlements in the no...