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A point beyond survival

By Alexandra Dignan

As the Syrian crisis drags on for its sixth year, Syrian refugees are increasingly in need of shelter solutions that not only protects them from the elements, but also gives them the safe space they need to prosper and plan the...

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Searching for livelihood in Lebanon

By Alexandra Dignan

This story follows the lives of Ahmad, Sanaa and their children Tamer and Fatima, a family of Syrian refugees in need of a decent living in Baalbek, Lebanon. Faced with economic hardship and an anxious host community, the famil...

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Homs is no longer a home

Omar Talep, 54, is a Syrian refugee, one of the 8552 applicants for EU's emergency relocation and resettlement scheme. He and his family have been on flight since 2011 and are currently staying at the refugee accommodation site...


Poultry farming project in Kakuma is giving refugees more economic freedom


A pilot project with chicken breeding in Kakuma refugee camp in northwestern Kenya aims to give participants economic freedom so they can better control their future. 35 year old Jacob Kilozo has high hopes of the project as it...

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Opening of borders reunites families and improves living conditions

The Danish Refugee Council have advocated for the reopening of the land border between Côte d'Ivoire and neighboring Liberia and Guinea and, in early September, the border restrictions put in place 2 years ago to avoid the spre...


“Providing for my family makes me feel like a man again”


The conflict in Yemen has seen close to 180,000 persons flee to neighboring countries in search of refuge since the conflict escalated in March 2015. The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has been receiving and assisting new arrival...


DRC grant has changed Amina’s life


Owning a business of her own is not something Amina Farhan Abdullahi ever envisioned would happen, when she arrived in the refugee camp. However, through the help of Danish Refugee Council’s business grant, the 36 year-old moth...


Half the wedding party were killed


Fatouma Zahle Said fled with her family from Yemen after a wedding party they were attending was bombed. Today she lives in a refugee camp in Djibouti and has received help from the Danish Refugee Council, so she can start a sm...

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"My children should not suffer as I have"


A month ago the fighting in Juba came close to 30 year old Betty Uhurus home. She fled with her three children and has now reached safety in Kenya where she hopes for a safe future for her children.

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Savings and Loan Groups gives refugees a future

One of the biggest challenges for refugees is finding work in order to support themselves. At the same time it is almost impossible to get a loan in a bank to start your own business. Savings and Loans Groups builds social netw...