Toilet Day

Everyone needs a place to “go”


Most take toilets for granted, but have you thought of what its like for people living in refugee camps?

World Toilet Day Uganda

World Toilet Day: Addressing refugee sanitation needs in Uganda to save lives


More than one million South Sudanese refugees in Uganda put immense pressure on facilities to receive newcomers. One area which all people can relate to is the need for latrines. But latrine and hygiene facilities have improved...

Fadumo Tailoring Training Zone K Somalia

Restoring livelihoods and hope for a future in Somalia


Years of conflict and a protracted humanitarian crisis in Somalia has left a generation of vulnerable youth without means to provide for themselves and their families. In order to restore the hope of a future among internally d...

Food Distribution Greece

Distribution of food is not ‘one size fits all’


Food is a basic human need – not least for people who have had their life uprooted and are living in new and unfamiliar environments. Across the world, millions of refugees are food insecure, making food distribution an essenti...

Helpdesk Skaramagas site

A Day in the Life of a Cultural Mediator


Greece has been a gateway for people fleeing their home countries and seeking international protection and asylum in Europe since 2015. They come from a number of different countries and many are staying at sites supported by t...

Mre Syria

Over 1000 Syrian teachers trained to provide risk education to youth


In Syria it is vital with Risk Education about Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) in order to ensure a safe environment for the conflict-affected population. The Danish Demining Group (DDG) has trained over 1000 Syrian teachers th...


Come inside the safe space in Machta Hammoud

A Danish Refugee Council's community center provides a safe space for children and their families in Northern Lebanon. Here you can meet some of the people - refugees and members of the host community, who have become part of l...

Sana 2

Syrians and Iraqis mark yet another Eid away from home


Protracted crises in the Middle East deny the celebrations that were seven years ago


On building peace, Tunisian youth say: We have a role


Youth, community members and decision makers come together this International Youth Day to voice one clear message, that Tunisian youth can play an active role in building sustainable peace in the country, despite the barriers.

Img 3352

"A second breath for a new life"


“The village was asleep, and now it has come to life!” exclaims Marina Krivaya of her community, Myrne in eastern Donetsk Oblast. In Ukrainian, Myrne (Мирне) means ‘Peaceful’, although peace is not always easy to come by in the...