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A different Olympic story


A baseball stadium built for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens has been given a new, unexpected life as a temporary home for over 400 refugees. With temperatures dropping, the refugees and asylum seekers living in tents on the f...


“I am now earning a salary because of my donkey”


When most people think of a donkey, they think of it as a beast of burden but for 49-years-old Safia Hassan Guled, her donkey is her source of income, thanks to the grant that she has received from the Danish Refugee Council.


“Education is my light” – DRC’s Numeracy and Literacy Assistance is Changing Refugee Lives


DRC’s classes are changing the life for refugees in the Ali Addeh camp. Education and assistance is helping refugees to start their own businesses and they dream big.


DRC is helping refugees diversify their diet through kitchen gardens


Small scale farming helps refugee families diversify their diet as well as giving them a source of income. DRC are providing the knowledge, necessary equipment and seeds.


Baking a way back to life


While most other residents of Markazi Camp in Djibouti describe the place as 'hell on earth', it does not affect Fariza Zahle Abdul. She is happy, because here no one drops bombs from the sky and she has received help, so she o...

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“I dream of rebuilding a home and life here”


Susan and her family are part of the over 300,000 new arrivals from South Sudan who have fled the ongoing violence since July 2016 and have sought refuge in Uganda.

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A point beyond survival

By Alexandra Dignan

As the Syrian crisis drags on for its sixth year, Syrian refugees are increasingly in need of shelter solutions that not only protects them from the elements, but also gives them the safe space they need to prosper and plan the...

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Searching for livelihood in Lebanon

By Alexandra Dignan

This story follows the lives of Ahmad, Sanaa and their children Tamer and Fatima, a family of Syrian refugees in need of a decent living in Baalbek, Lebanon. Faced with economic hardship and an anxious host community, the famil...

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Homs is no longer a home

Omar Talep, 54, is a Syrian refugee, one of the 8552 applicants for EU's emergency relocation and resettlement scheme. He and his family have been on flight since 2011 and are currently staying at the refugee accommodation site...


Poultry farming project in Kakuma is giving refugees more economic freedom


A pilot project with chicken breeding in Kakuma refugee camp in northwestern Kenya aims to give participants economic freedom so they can better control their future. 35 year old Jacob Kilozo has high hopes of the project as it...