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Syrians and Iraqis mark yet another Eid away from home


Protracted crises in the Middle East deny the celebrations that were seven years ago


On building peace, Tunisian youth say: We have a role


Youth, community members and decision makers come together this International Youth Day to voice one clear message, that Tunisian youth can play an active role in building sustainable peace in the country, despite the barriers.

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"A second breath for a new life"


“The village was asleep, and now it has come to life!” exclaims Marina Krivaya of her community, Myrne in eastern Donetsk Oblast. In Ukrainian, Myrne (Мирне) means ‘Peaceful’, although peace is not always easy to come by in the...

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Zuhair needs another chance at education


A Syrian refugees’ dream of studying French and becoming a translator crushed by the war in Syria.


Rebuilding what’s lost


How a Syrian refugee found economic opportunity though Livelihoods programming in Iraqi Kurdistan.

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Cash grants are saving lives in drought-stricken Somalia

The drought in Somalia has caused the displacement of many people who have relocated to different areas in search for food and other basic services in order to survive.

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"My only wish is to live the rest of my life in peace"


"They even butcher old women like me," says Victoria Guo of the horrors that caused her to flee South Sudan and walk the entire way to Uganda. Here, she wants nothing else than live the remainder of her life in peace.

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When the breakfast bell tolls, the children come running


At the reception center in Rhino camp in northwestern Uganda refugees spend their days before they are assigned plots. Here the Danish Refugee Council provides a safe haven for the newcomers, and three times a day the big kettl...

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Hunger and violence forced Alex and his family to flee


Thousands of people from South Sudan continue to flee out of the country in search of safety and food. Civil war and famine have plagued the country for years making the civilian population live in constant fear for their lives...

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An Iraqi father’s journey into displacement


Ramadan, a husband and a father of four children tells the story of saving his family after the so-called Islamic State took control of their town.