DRC has operated continuously in Kosovo since 1998. Initially the assistance implemented by DRC focused on emergency aid, but was soon extended to logistics support, transport, shelter and reconstruction activities, income generating activities and social rehabilitation of IDPs, returnees and affected populations.

From 2003, DRC has focused increasingly on minority returns to Kosovo. Tasks have focused on the creation of a sustainable and durable returns process to Kosovo through targeting not only the physical requirements of returning refugees and IDPs but also those crucial to other aspects that contribute to a secure and comfortable environment in which to live and work often following long periods in transition. These include social and economic reintegration and development, improving living conditions, facilities and opportunities for both receiving and returning communities. Work has also continued in strengthening civil society organizations, empowering and building capacity amongst local authorities to ensure the ongoing support for beneficiaries in Kosovo, and the enhancing the civil registry process in Kosovo

Important donors and partners for DRC in Kosovo are: European Union Office in Kosovo, Sida, BPRM, The British Embassy, UNHCR, Kosovo Ministry of Communities and Returns (MCR), Kosovo Ministry of labour and social welfare, Kosovo Property Agency and Local municipalities.

DRC is presently operating in Kosovo from the field offices in Pejë/Peĉ, Prizren, Mitrovicë/Mitrovica and Prishtinë/Priština, and operational office based in Civil Registry Agency of the Kosovo Government. The 36 local staff, 115 Operational Staff and 3 international staff implementing the 5 current projects throughout Kosovo are supported by a central support unit based in Prishtinë/Priština.