DRC is one of the largest INGOs operating in Yemen with a longstanding presence, having begun operations in Aden in 2008, primarily to respond to the needs and protection concerns of migrants arriving from East Africa, and scaled-up its response to the crisis in 2015. Today, DRC is able to meet the urgent needs of those affected by the conflict across the country through the provision of integrated humanitarian assistance, services and advocacy.

As the world´s largest humanitarian crisis enters its fifth year, Yemen continues to be torn apart by conflict, diminished purchasing power, currency fluctuations, collapsing public services, grave violations against children, cholera outbreaks, loss of livelihoods and famine reaching deeper levels of human suffering. Humanitarian needs continue to increase as conflict and displacement affected people are faced with multiple, intersecting vulnerabilities and as the protective environment continues to deteriorate, with few able to access safety, security, and basic rights.

The civil war has resulted in 80 per cent of the 28 million population being in need of humanitarian assistance with more than two million forced to flee their homes. Protracted displacement continues to put additional pressure on the already scarce resources and services, and with the economy besieged and in ruins, two thirds of Yemen’s entire population is at risk of famine.

DRC Yemen’s response

Throughout its nine field offices and a workforce of 350 staff, DRC upholds its main programmatic objectives to provide immediate and life sustaining assistance, to strengthen the protective environment, and to reduce displacement related risks and vulnerabilities by promoting self-reliance at household and community level.

With a large geographical coverage through operational presence in 10 out of 22 governorates and a network of 15 local partners to cover an additional 8 governorates, DRC monitors and responds to the ongoing rights violations caused by the conflict in Yemen and ensures access to 60% of locations with IDPs and returnees. DRC’s operations have expanded during the critical situation to include various multi-sector integrated interventions. 

DRC Yemen‘s interventions

Emergency Response
DRC Yemen has developed an integrated, multi-phased emergency strategy aimed at ensuring a field-oriented, integrated response to the immediate needs of newly displaced/recently accessible populations. Within this response, DRC provides Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) kits; multi-purpose cash assistance; shelter Kits and NFIs; water trucking, general food distribution, water bladders, hygiene kits; and referral to protection case management.

DRC is actively responding to the ongoing humanitarian crisis with protection teams providing support to those affected by the conflict to strengthen their protective environment, ensure their safety, dignity and well-being and fulfil their rights to protection.

DRC is working with 15 local NGOs to monitor grave violations of children’s rights and work with community-based protection networks.

Camp Coordination and Camp Management 
DRC’s SMC programme aims at supporting highly vulnerable people in displacement who are unable to return to their areas of origin. This is accomplished by ensuring area based coordination for spontaneous IDP settlements and collective centres so vulnerable, displaced households have access to basic services in informal settlements as well as safe and dignified shelter solutions and conditions.

Economic Recovery
DRC’s economic recovery programme aims to build the economic self-resilience of conflict and displacement affected populations through multi-purpose cash based assistance, the provision of agricultural inputs to smallholder farmers, the provision of technical agricultural trainings to farmers, the establishment of bank seeds and microfinancing training.

DRC’s WASH activities focus on improving access to integrated and principled WASH services for the most vulnerable - IDPs, host communities, returnees and migrants - which enable thousands of people access to clean water and sanitation. The activities include the provision of water trucking, the rehabilitation and extension of water supply systems, and sanitation services with health and hygiene awareness sessions.

Shelter & NFI
DRC supports the Shelter cluster emergency response by maintaining warehouses for preposition stock throughout the country. DRC dispatches shelter and NFI kits to local partners throughout the country. 

DRC’s Shelter and NFI interventions provide beneficiaries with NFI kits and items they need to rebuild their lives while living in displacement.

Mixed Migration 
In Yemen, DRC implements mixed migration activities through mobile teams conducting daily screening for migrants who have just arrived in Yemen or are on their way towards Northern Yemen (towards Saudi Arabia). DRC registers migrants and provides legal counselling on the Yemeni law and migrants’ rights, including details on the asylum process for asylum seekers, and awareness on the Yemeni ongoing conflict, routes to be avoided when travelling towards the North, as well as protection risks.

Humanitarian Mine Action
DRC implements humanitarian mine action through its demining Unit (DDG) to contribute to the stabilisation of fragile areas in Yemen by enhancing community safety and improving the quality of life among conflict-affected populations. In this regard, DDG provides Mine Risk Education for children and adults in communities affected by the presence of landmines/unexploded ordnances and explosive remnants of wars (ERW). DDG also conducts Non- Technical Survey activities in mine/ERW contaminated areas in order to provide accurate information on the scope and nature of contamination, develop tailored strategies to prevent and reduce casualties, and to allow for a more effective allocation of humanitarian mine action resources through prioritisation of needs for clearance. 

Humanitarian mine action activities are currently implemented in the south of Yemen in Taiz, Hodeida, Lahj and Shabwah governorates.

2019 Strategic focus

DRC Yemen, based on the context and needs, will shift its focus from “responding to emergency” to emphasis on “solutions to displacement” and “addressing root causes”. While 2019 is expected to remain largely emergency focused, DRC will explore the development of core expertise in local economic development, local governance, conflict mitigation, and institutional capacity-building at different organisational levels. 

In 2019, DRC in Yemen will ensure that beneficiaries and assisted communities are always at the centre of our work, DRC will work on strengthening its engagement with the local communities through systematic and structured processes. DRC will continue to maintain emergency preparedness and response capability. 

DRC Yemen programming is made possible thanks to the generous support from: