Vision, mission and values

As an NGO the Danish Refugee Council's (DRC) work is based upon a vision, a mission and five values. Our vision, mission and values guide us in everything we do and stand for.

DRC's Vision

A dignified life for all displaced

DRC's Mission

We assist refugees and the displaced, protecting them from harm, safeguarding their legal rights, and empowering them towards a better future

DRC's values 

Humanitarian approach
The right to a dignified life takes precedence over politics and principles. DRC insists on the right of the individual to receive humanitarian aid and on our right and duty to provide such aid, whenever possible, regardless of political circumstance. This means that our advocacy will sometimes be subordinate to our duty to help save lives, and that we will always provide assistance, regardless of whether such an effort could be interpreted politically. Moreover, in all of our interactions we insist on the dignity and autonomous right of the individual to use their abilities in shaping their lives as they see fit.

Our belief in the equal rights of all human beings. DRC takes a rights-based approach to its work. We work to ensure that all displaced persons can enjoy the rights, protections, and opportunities guaranteed to them in applicable conventions and laws, and seek to combat discrimination in all forms. In Denmark and elsewhere, we work to ensure that authorities and the international community fully adhere to their responsibilities towards people in distress, and we assist until these authorities are able to manage their responsibilities independently.

Independence and neutrality
DRC works exclusively on the basis of its mandate towards the displaced. DRC focuses on issues concerning refugees and displaced persons, remaining strictly neutral when it comes to party politics. This also means that in conflict settings our humanitarian work is predicated on the principle of independence and neutrality in regard to the conflicting parties.

DRC wishes to carry out its initiatives in a climate of respect and collaboration with the people we are trying to help, thereby ensuring that they are empowered by the interaction. This means that we ask beneficiaries for their consensual participation in the planning and implementation of interventions, as well as their perspectives in assessing the outcomes. Our collaborations with people in distress ultimately seek to utilize and strengthen their ability to cope without assistance in the future.

Honesty and transparency
DRC is accountable to the people we help, those that support us and those with whom we collaborate.This means that we are honest and open about what we do and about the choices we make, and if a situation may exceed our ability to provide help. We strive for successful and responsible joint efforts with all beneficiaries, donors, partners and others.