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Choosing to support on a recurring basis will save administration fees leaving more money for long-term initiatives.

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Når du donerer et beløb hver måned, er du med til at sikre et stabilt fundament for vores arbejde for verdens flygtninge.

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You can either support the Danish Refugee Council with a one-time donation or a recurring monthly amount. We are grateful, it all helps. Supporting our organisation on a recurring basis will benefit not only you, the Danish Refugee Council but particularly the people we together help. This means:

  • We become more efficient. When we know how much money we can spend, it helps us prioritize, plan and buy bulk at lower prices making sure our impact is maximized
  • We can save money. When we can count on your recurring support, we spend less money for fundraising activities leaving more money for impact
  • Your contribution is tax deductible føres og registreres automatisk. Your donation is tax deductable. The only thing you have to do is to leave your personal details here: (link til side om cpr. Nr. og persondatapolitik)
  • Your support secures global outreach. You enable the Danish Refugee Council to be present in 40 countries globally
  • First responder. Being present in 40 countries, enables the Danish Refugee Council to be a first responder to emergencies. We are there, we know the context and is thus able to act fast, efficiently and professionally


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