DRC Brussels Representation

The EU is an important stakeholder, partner and donor to DRC as a global humanitarian actor. Collectively the EU and its member states is the biggest donor in the world, and the EU constitute a key donor for DRC’s international work. The DRC Representation in Brussels represents and advocates for DRC policy positions and priorities at the European level and seeks to influence policy, legislation and financial instruments related to forced displacement. DRC engages with decision makers in relevant EU institutions to ensure that forcibly displaced are treated with dignity and in accordance with international humanitarian law and regulations in all stages of displacement.

To this end the DRC Representation works with Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), the European Commission (EC) – including DG ECHO, the Directorate for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection, with whom DRC has a Framework Partnership Agreement, DG DEVCO, the Directorate for International Cooperation and Development, DG NEAR, the Directorate for Enlargement, Neighbour countries and Economic Cooperation, and DG HOME, the  Directorate for Migration and Home Affairs– as well as the External Action Service (EEAS).

DRC Brussels advocacy and representational activities are based on evidence from its operations in more than 35 countries. In the face of a rapid policy development within the area of refugee protection and migration, DRC Brussels advocates for the preservation of the asylum space, the promotion of durable solutions to protracted displacement, and a rights-based and protection sensitive approach to migration management. Other priorities include a focus on EU humanitarian financing as well as the broader Grand Bargain process.